​How to choose the ​Best Agency for Your Company?

​Not All Agencies and Agents are created equal.  A poor performing program will lead to frustration.  Other agents relentlessly call every year, stating how wonderful they are and how much money they can save you.   

We often hear employers say it necessary to shop their insurance to "keep their agent honest. "  Or "we shop our insurance every 3 years, because we've heard that is the correct thing to do. "    

Whatever the reason, you may find yourself compelled to shop your insurance program.  So how do you know which agency is the best partner for your organization?   They all say they have great insurance company partners, great service, they all seem to have access to a special programs or rates, and coincidentally they all are "experts" in what you do.  


​Evaluating ​the agency relationship
  1. Claims
    Supply an 800 Number or do they have an internal claims person? What is their involvement with claims? Do they simply call for updates and regurgitate the information, or do they create positive outcomes? How? What types of questions do they ask regarding reserves or validity? What is their process of communicating the results?
  2. Loss Control
    How do they define Loss Control? What services do they provide? Do they have a dedicated person? What is the experience of the Loss Control person? How many clients does the loss control person work with?
  3. Workers Compensation
    Does your agent have a professional work comp designation? What is the agents process to make sure the audit is accurate? What steps are taken to complete this? What is the agents process to validate the accuracy of the experience mod? When and how often is this done? How would they improve your risk profile? What steps are taken to accomplish this? What practices are used to mitigate injury? How do they educate and communicate with the providers?
  4. Communication
    How do they engage with your company? What specific programs, technology, or processes will they be implementing? How do they communicate? What information do they need and how do they gather it? How do they hold themselves accountable? What specific services are they promising? How often? How do they measure the outcomes?
NewDay Risk
​You may have noticed that we don't have a "press here for a quote" button or link anywhere on our site.  Why?  Simply, we don't quote insurance, that's not what we do.  We spend our resources, time, energy, and expertise on our clients.  If you are one of the many people who feel compelled to shop their insurance, chances are, you are not looking for a quote.  You've been told and trained that is what you are supposed to do when you have doubts or frustrations with current relationships.  It just may be that you have the wrong agency partner.    ​​

What you may be looking for is; Transparency, Predictability, and Control.   

​Maybe it's time you start Your NewDay!